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Sew with PJay


​Sew with PJay, (Oshawa Studio) was established out of the growing desire of the owner to continue to share her knowledge of fashion designing and sewing with the world. Her passion is to empower young minds (kids, teens, and adults), inspire them to be creative, and guide them to acquire the skill they need to start a fashion brand of their own, or simply create fabulous pieces as a hobby.

Sew with PJay is a subsidiary of Prettiejay's Signature Ltd, an award winning fashion academy founded in Lagos, Nigeria, and now in operation in Canada. Over 150 full time fashion design students have been trained at Prettiejay's Signature, about 75% of which have started their own fashion design/dressmaking/tailoring brands. Thousands have been trained online in short-term, intensive courses as well.

We are learner-centered at Sew with PJay, focusing on the individual needs of each learner. Our course outlines and lesson plans are carefully designed, so that hobbyists, aspiring fashion designers, and seamstresses are trained to be the best at their craft. We design, we create, we style! And we have fun doing them all.

We preach and practice sustainable fashion as we do our part to make the world a better place. We have one earth, let's take care of it.

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Meet Olajumoke

Owner and Sewing Instructor


Ola is the Owner, Creative Director, and Instructor at Sew with PJay.

Her love for sewing started as a young child with hand-sewing projects in elementary school. Watching her mum, who was an elementary school teacher (now retired) making her own office wears and formal gowns piqued her interest even further, and before the age of 10, she was already assisting her mum sew. Her early exposure, and how it has helped her achieve a lot as an adult, is one of the biggest reasons why she has a special passion for training young ones. Now she has over 30 years experience sewing, over 20 years making money with the craft, and about a decade training others.


With her years of experience and extensive trainings, she is an expert in designing and sewing different kinds of female garments, including casual outfits, office/corporate wears, kiddies dresses, African traditional outfits, and bridal wears.


In 2017, she finally founded her company, Prettiejay's Signature Ltd, and launched a fashion academy. Over the years, she has trained hundreds of people, young and old, in the art and craft of sewing, and has won an award doing that.

She recently moved to Oshawa, Ontario, and started Sew with Pjay, with the goal of inspiring and guiding young minds, irrespective of their age, to be creative, innovative, and engaged, while creating sustainable fashion pieces.

Ola has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree, a Master of Arts (Hons) degree, a Post-Grad certificate in Analytics for Business Decision Making, and one in Business Analysis.

She is married and blessed with two daughters and a son.

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