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What we offer

  • Sewing Classes

  • Bespoke Tailoring

  • Limited Hand-made Collection

  • Sale of Fabrics and Notions

  • Sale of Sewing Machines

  • Alteration and Mending 

01 After-school Programs


Designed for children and teens from ages 8 to 17, split into three age groups. These programs are not just for girls, boys are welcome too! After the school day ends, crafting and fun begin! Keep your kids engaged and inspire them to be young creators. Who knows, they might just start making some cash as well.


We pride ourselves in raising young entrepreneurs who later become employers of labor rather than searching for jobs in the ever-growing labor market.​

Sewing Classes 

We offer a wide variety of trainings for all genders and all ages starting from 8 years.

Whether you're crafting as a hobby or earning a living with it, we have something for you.

Complete beginner or already in the game? You are welcome!

02 Mummy & Me Private Classes


Mummy and Me classes are for mothers who want to learn some skills/brush up their skills and do so with their kids. This is a great avenue for bonding, acquiring a life skill as a parent and teaching your kids to do the same.

Choose your day from our list of available dates, choose your time, choose your topics. It's totally up to you.

Email to book your session(s):

03 Fashion Illustration


We preach innovation, creativity and originality, therefore we encourage our sewists to create designs of their own as much as they can. In order to visualize our ideas before we bring them to life, it is beautiful to know how to illustrate them. It also helps to communicate/present these ideas to an audience when needed.

We offer manual illustration classes for now, and will be introducing digital fashion illustration classes soon, where we will be using technology to transform our ideas into visuals. We are excited for this!

04 Sewing Foundation Course


There are two levels in the foundation class.

Level 1 is for complete beginners who have not used a sewing machine before, or have not fully mastered its use. We are starting from scratch and will be making some exciting projects as we learn and grow.

Level 2 students can use the machine and have made some simple projects before. This is designed for those who completed level one. If you did not take our level 1 class but are comfortable sewing simple projects, you can join us. You will need to come in for a quick test before level 2 course begins.


05 Kiddies Ball Gown Class


Our Kiddies Ball Gown Class is a unique opportunity for our students, of any age, to design and sew unique ball gowns. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the entire process, from fabric selection to the final stitches, ensuring you have a fun and educational experience while creating a one-of-a-kind ball gown. Your little one is sure to make a statement in their new custom creation.

06 Alteration & Mending Workshop


Everyone is unique in their own way, and that includes shapes and sizes. Sometimes, clothes in standard sizes don't quite fit us and need a bit of alteration. This is not only for brand new store-bought pieces. We encourage sustainable fashion, and that includes buying vintage pieces, to slow down fashion. You may find beautiful pre-loved pieces which may not fit perfectly. This is where alteration comes in. You may also have lost some weight and don't want to replace your entire wardrobe, Your clothes can be altered or redesigned to fit your changing body. We strongly encourage this.

It is equally important to know how to mend your clothes when the need arises. From unravelling stitches, to worn-out zippers and clothes that need patching. don't throw your beautiful clothes out. Let's teach you how to fix them. Save the earth and save lots of money!

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